Ham Radio Network Co-Founder – Andy Whybrow (M0IRU)

Andy has been licensed since 2017 and quickly established himself in the amateur community as the founder of the popular annual Hamzilla event (

As a member of Dover Amateur Radio Club he successfully led their licence training programme and provides regular club talks. Andy has previously held the positions of District Representative and Examiner with the RSGB.

He is a keen DX’er and always willing to bench test new software and assist other amateurs with software integration within their shack. Andy holds the callsigns GB5HAM and G5HAM for Ham Radio Network.

Ham Radio Network Co-Founder – John Rivers (G0GCQ)

John is the current Chair of Dover Amateur Radio Club, Editor of UKSMG and on the admin team of Hams Over IP.

John’s background involved him being sent to Germany to work alongside members of the 14th Signal Regt. as a civilian Instructor where he held DA1JU for a number of years.

Now retired from teaching John aims to focus on amateur radio.

Ham Radio Network Co-Founder – Peter Weatherall (G3MLO)

Peter has been licenced since 1958 and has mentored many new people into the hobby and enjoys nurturing newly licensed people through their early days.

At 83 years of age, Peter has seen many changes within the hobby and has an impressive station including two 100ft towers. He has successfully implemented a CW course for beginners and is always available for advice and guidance. Peter enjoys all modes and embraces the changes he has seen within the hobby.

Ham Radio Network Admininstrator – Jonathan Groves (M0VRI)

Jonathan is a valued member of Ham Radio Network team and passed all three exams in lockdown. He’s active in the RSGB as a member of the ESRG, a Board Director and has previously remotely invigilated the RSGB exams.

He is also the Vice Chair of the Dover Amateur Radio Club. His ham interests include phone DX on HF and chatting on the local 2m repeater (GB3KS).

Ham Radio Network Administrator – Emily Groves (M7MLE)

Emily Groves is a valued member of the Ham Radio Network Admin team and passed her Foundation licence during lockdown. She is very active within the hobby and is the Secretary of the Dover Amateur Radio Club. Emily is also the main driving force behind Hamzilla based in the UK.

She enjoys operating mobile from the highest locations Kent has to offer for the excellent 145Alive! 2m simplex net and looks forward to being one of their Controllers in summer 2023.