Ham Radio Network host fortnightly talks under our “An Evening With…” banner.

These are held via zoom therefore easy to access and also very popular. The zoom platform is opened at 1900 hrs UTC for a 1930 hrs UTC start.

We have been fortunate in building good relationships with the likes of SDRPlay, Ceecom Antennas, Bob Heil, DX Commander, Begali Keys, YL Raisa and many many more.

Remember, you are free to get as much or as little as a member of Ham Radio Network – its your choice and there is no requirement to take part.

We also host general natter nights and these can be extremely popular with amateurs across the globe coming together for an informal chat and discuss projects etc.

Lastly, look out for our admin led “Everything You Need To Know But Too Afraid To Ask” evenings, these are great for people who wish to know more about any aspect of amateur radio but feel intimidated in asking on a larger platform such as our Facebook group which has 1000+ members. We have covered a wide variety of topics and hold the belief that everyday is a school day and there is no such thing as a silly question!